Egos and Bourne Identity

We (, gym boy and myself), had been to the Document Done show the other day where the band had DJ Dheeraj scratching for them on the show. Any DJ who can play along with a rock band had to be cool, so , and myself, decided to check him out yesterday at Egos where he is the in house DJ.

Egos is a very relaxed and laid back pub just off Brigades (near Sparks) and was virtually empty on a Sunday nite. This was actually good for us as we could interrogate, err talk, to the DJ w/o much trouble. Turns out that he is basically a metal head but plays lounge at Egos. He is also a “special appearance” at The Club. Very nice guy, played all the stuff that we asked for and from our own CDs (Dirty Vegas and Cassius) which Khader happened to be carrying. Incidently, he is also DJ Vachan's cousin (wonder what that dude is upto, have not heard much about him in recent times). To add to surprises, DJ Nash from Sparks also happened to drop by at the same time. So we sat around talking about music while Dheeraj played his tunes for us. Very nice guy, too bad he cant play Metal at Egos.

He was wearing this very cool t-shirt which had neon like lights on it, totally awesome stuff. Apparently, there is also a another design which works like a graphic equalizer – goes up and down according to the music which is being played.

Got out out of there only by 9:45 pm and reached late for “Bourne Identity” which was playing at the Plaza. Boring movie so I did not mind missing the start.

Over all, great day. Spent more money than usual, but not on CDs this time around 😀

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By Shanker Balan

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