e17 CVS on FreeBSD 4.10

I figured out why I have the autofoo problems on FreeBSD with enlightenment CVS. Turns out that the libtool.m4 macro is not being pulled in when running autogen.sh (aclocal rather). The fix is to set the ACLOCAL_FLAGS environment varible to pull in the right location to libtool.m4

[buffy] ~> locate libtool15.m4
[buffy> ~> setenv ACLOCAL_FLAGS "-I /usr/local/share/aclocal
setenv CFLAGS "-I/usr/local/include -I/usr/X11R6/include -L/usr/X11R6/lib -L/usr/local/lib -I/usr/e17/include -L/usr/e17/lib"
sudo ldconfig -m /usr/e17/lib

edb:        ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr/e17
edb:        ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr/e17 [fix -lgtk]
evas:       ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr/e17 [fix -lpthead]
ecore:      ./configure --prefix=/usr/e17
embryo:     ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr/e17
edje:       ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr/e17
emotion:    ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr/e17
engrave:    ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr/e17
epeg:       ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr/e17
epsilon:    ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr/e17
esmart:     ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr/e17
etox:       ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr/e17  [fix -I/usr/X11R6/include]
evoak:      ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr/e17  [fix Edje_Edit.h missing]
ewl:        ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr/e17  [use gmake]

e:          ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr/e17  [edje_cc bust]
entrance:   ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr/e17  [edje_cc bust]


  • Use gmake instead of BSD make.
  • edje_cc gives some crap when compiling the images (happens with ewl and e wm)
  • I can start the WM but only the splash works. The desktop is barren. This must be because of the themes being broken due to edje_cc

    Meanwhile, a battery monitor has been added to e17! Whats really interesting about the images used on the desktop is that they do not visibly seem to lose quality when resizing.

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