Double bill at Alliance Francaise

Went for a double bill (I forget the title) at Alliance Francaise yesterday – one had an all male cast and the second one was a all female cast. The all make play was a story about 6 dudes who get separated from the rest on a trekking trip and have to spend the night together. The second one is the story of a writer who is being interviewed by a journalist.

Both of these were such a huge disappointment. The first play had some funny moments at least while the all female play was a total “drama” of pure crap. These plays are getting sooo predictable. There _has_ to be at least one character who is gay and is leading a troubled life, one “dude” who is desperately trying to get laid and there has to be a girl who is sexually abused by her father. These seems to be buzzwords when writing a play I suppose!

The acting was also crappy espl. when compared to “The Owl and the Pussycat” and the script was getting kornier by the minute. After the end of the first play, I just wanted to go home! From now on, I stick to comedies!!!

Went straight to Casa's for dinner where Khader joined us. The play passes could be exchanged for free capuccinos at Java City so we went there after dinner. We stuck around there till around 12:30 AM and had a nice time listening to 's experiences on the IBM S390.

We == , , , Sony and myself.

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