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It's been a long time since I made an LJ entry or checked up on what other people have been upto, just plain busy with work to be bothered about anything else I guess.

IAC, went to the Document: Done performance at Gurnanak Bhavan yesterday. Oh, looks like has already written a rather lengthy review at I would like to second what he sez, they are definitely a great band, more innovative than the more popular blr bands. Not gonna miss their other gig that is scheduled for October end.

, and myself picked up a lot of CDs from Planet M on Sunday. Lets see,

  1. Apollo 440: Millnnium Fever
  2. Apollo 440: Electro Glide In Blue
  3. Joe Satriani: Crystal Planet
  4. Dirty Vegas
  5. Fashion TV Soundtrack: Spring 2002 Collection
  6. Cassius: Au Reve

Thats enuf music in there to keep my ears busy for a month. Apollo 440 is the next best thing to Prodigy. “Altamont Super Highway Revisited” is a killer techno/rock number. IIRC, this is the same bit that was used in the Spider Man trailer.

Hey, Dark Angel and Roswell start tonite, going home now!

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