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What good is having a massive collection of 12“ cuts if you don’t know how to mix em???? Huh? Huh? Huh?

So on Friday evening I got started with Mixxx (an open source DJ tool), Prokyon3 (A multithreaded music manager and tag editor for Unix), the latest batch of club releases (Jan/Feb 2005) for DJs from Promo Only and a pair of headphones to preserve everyones sanity with the beat mismatches! 🙂

The last item is a must!

After hanging around on Discjockey 101 the whole thing does make sense. Beat mixing is not that difficult as I thought it would be provided I have a BPM meter (which Mixxx does provide).

My experiences with mixing software is limited to Mixxx so I cant really claim how well it does things. For my needs, it seems to be plenty. Prokyon3 assisted queuing and tagging system with Mixxx’s versatility seems to be enough for an amateur. However, getting the keyboard shortcuts figured for the dozen controls is a problem. I like it better when I can ”feel“ a mixer. Mixxx does support external MIDI based devices which can be used for things like pitch control but I doubt whether this would work on a non-windows platform.

This setup is way cheaper than a Denon mixer! 🙂

List of desirable hardware for a decent mixing experience which I hope to get soon. Right now am doing this on a low end laptop.

  • External DJ controller (USB?)
  • Multichannel sound controller to have separate monitor output from the mains
  • Lots of RAM. 2.4Ghz CPU seems to be OK

    Oh, since I don’t use Windows, I cant really try out the professional DJ applications out there and give a comparative review of similar applications!

    Also see

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