Dinner at Ravi's Kitchen

End of the month only means one thing for me these days – empty wallet. Had a couple of overdue bills to be paid which I paid yday and now I am almost pauper. Took a decision that I would stay at home and not be thrifty till my next paycheck arrives.

Sunday 6:30PM I was at the “Tavern At The Inn” on Museum Road with and , 9PM, I was at Ravi's Kitchen in Koramangala for dinner and at 10PM I was at Corner House on Airport Road for desert.

Sheesh…. so much for not being thrifty. 😀

This was my first time to Ravi's Kitchen which is a Mallu speciality restaurant and serves decent veggie stuff too. The rates are rock bottom when compared to Windsor Pub and I hogged on Appams/Veg Stew and Idiappam/Kadala Curry.

The only thing missing was “Puttu”.

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By Shanker Balan

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