Denon 3808 Firmware Updating

Housekeeping is usually reserved for weekends. This saturday I cleaned up the Home Theater and updated the firmware on the beefy Denon 3808 AVR.

The official firmware updating guide worked just fine. It took a whole 50 minutes even on my 2mbit home DSL connection (the guide did say it would take a min of 35-50 mins).

What new features did I get at the end of the update??? Well… The AVR has the ability to purchase new features (over the Net) as and when they become available! 😀 Hopefully, this feature alone would justify the price I paid. The other addition is that I can now do config backups! Woohoo!!!

faith:~ shanu$ ls -l Denon/config.dat
-rw-r–r– 1 shanu staff 525183 Apr 5 22:04 Denon/config.dat

Speaking of the price that I paid, I chanced upon the ProFX's website who are the India Dealers for Denon. They are quoting a whopping Rs.1,05,000 for the 38080 3808. That's a freeking 45% markup over what I paid!!!
ProFX… cough!!! cough!!! ripoff!!!

As usual, thanks goes to the nice guys over at The Audio Video People (Chennai) for helping me get this.

Thanks Jalal/Shahul!

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