Debug AWS S3/SQS Event Notifications using AWS CLI


  1. S3 bucket “my-s3”
  2. SQS queue “my-sqs”
  3. SQS Event to be triggered if file with suffix _SUCCESS is created under /foo/ folder (or subfolders under /foo/)

Things to watch out for in the Terraform S3 settings:

  1. events is set to ["s3:ObjectCreated:*"]
  2. filter_prefix should be set to foo/ and not /foo/ (There is no leading / for foo)

Firing Test Event

  1. Get the SQS URL
  2. Setup AWS CLI
  3. Create a dummy file named _SUCCESS in the local folder
  4. Start SQS listener using AWS CLI
  5. Update S3 bucket using AWS CLI
$ aws s3 cp _SUCCESS s3://<my-s3-bucket>/foo/bar/_SUCCESS && \
  aws --region <aws-region> sqs receive-message --queue-url <sqs-queue-url> --attribute-names All --message-attribute-names All --max-number-of-messages 1 --wait-time-seconds 20

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