CDR's Anyone?

Just back from a shopping spree on SJP Road. We bought 220 blank CDRs. 100 Mitsubishi Golds, 20 Samsung colored CDRs and 100 Frontech unbranded spindle. 220 numbers is a personal best for me 😀

The Frontech unbranded costs just Rs. 11 a piece.

Oh, there is this place on SP Road which sells pirated DVDs for Rs. 160. Wow, if thats how much a pirated DVD costs, there is no way I am going to pay my DVD rental guy 50 bucks for this cheap shit.

By Shanker Balan

Shanker Balan is a devops and infrastructure freelancer with over 14 years of industry experience in large scale Internet systems. He is available for both short term and long term projects on contract.

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