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Site To Site IPSEC VPN Tunnel Between Google Cloud And AWS with pfSense

Been porting workloads from AWS to GCE lately and one big piece of infrastructure that I rely on is pfSense. pfSense is a FreeBSD based appliance which does advanced routing, firewall and VPN for your cloud-based infrastructure. Using pfSense, one can establish IPSEC tunnels between the various AWS regions and the clients office network. While […]

Mac OSX Security

Mac OSX Cisco IPSEC Client Configuration

Updated #1 (20140415): The Cisco VPN configuration instructions are available in the Apple Enterprise Deployment Guide How do you configure a IPSEC VPN server with Apple Mac OSX client compatibility? There are various HOWTOs on the net that tell you how to configure various VPN appliances and IPSEC software (Racoon, StrongSwan, OpenSwan etc) to work […]

Security Ubuntu

Automatic Installation Of Security Updates On Ubuntu

A new OpenSSL vulnerability called heartbleed has been found and patched. Information on the vulnerability is available on the CVE Website and there is even a dedicated site for the issue. While most of us keep our system regularly update our systems using apt or yum, it is best advised have an automatic update process […]