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FreeBSD 10 On CloudStack + KVM

Motty Cruz, recently reported having issues installing and running FreeBSD on his CloudStack 4.2.1/CentOS 6.5 KVM environment. My environment is very similar, except that I prefer to run FreeBSD on XenServer instead of KVM. FreeBSD 10 and later versions have XENHVM support possibly making Xen a better platform for FreeBSD. So does FreeBSD have issues […]

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Dynamic Scaling Of VMs In CloudStack

Dynamic Scaling of VMs (both RAM and CPU) has been introduced in Apache CloudStack 4.2.0 onwards. You can read more about its features and limitations from the Apache CloudStack Dynamic scaling of CPU and RAM Wiki. In particular, pay attention to the section on how memory settings are calculated and applied (dynamic max) to a […]

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What Guest Operating Systems Does CloudStack Support?

Apache CloudStack works with a variety of hypervisors and a single CloudStack cloud deployment can have multiple hypervisors implementations. Some of the more popular hypervisors supported by CloudStack are Linux KVM, XenServer and VMware vSphere. It is a generally perceived that the Cloud Management Platform (CloudStack) does magical things to support guest operating systems like […]