Can u install one cache server for me?

(10:34:20) dheeraj_vp: hi shanker
(10:34:23) dheeraj_vp: u there ?
(10:34:34) Shanker: helo
(10:34:51) dheeraj_vp: can u install one cache server for me ?

(10:35:34) Shanker: huh?
(10:35:52) dheeraj_vp: what ?
(10:36:42) Shanker: do i know you?
(10:37:20) dheeraj_vp: i am dheeraj from kannur
(10:38:44) Shanker: have we met?
(10:38:48) dheeraj_vp: no
(10:39:00) dheeraj_vp: i got ur information from forum
(10:39:04) Shanker: oh ok
(10:39:10) Shanker: do you have an ICICI account #?
(10:39:26) Shanker: which mode of payment would u prefer?
(10:39:37) dheeraj_vp: oh no 
(10:39:45) dheeraj_vp: i dont have ICICI Account
(10:40:01) dheeraj_vp: i thought u can install me free of cost
(10:40:01) Shanker: write out a cheque for me then
(10:40:08) Shanker: free?
(10:40:19) dheeraj_vp: how much u want ?
(10:40:25) Shanker: i charge 3k an hour
(10:40:49) Shanker: if it is going to be onsite, travel needs to be taken care off
(10:41:08) dheeraj_vp: what u mean by 3k
(10:41:15) Shanker: Rs 3000 an hour
(10:41:21) Shanker: thats my consulting fees
(10:41:35) dheeraj_vp: okey
(10:41:51) dheeraj_vp: u can do it online
(10:41:56) dheeraj_vp: i have live ip PC
(10:42:17) dheeraj_vp: but if u want payment dont do....i am sorry
(10:42:58) Shanker: but i do a great job
(10:43:21) Shanker: will be installed and configured to your full satisfaction
(10:43:28) dheeraj_vp: i know
(10:43:37) dheeraj_vp: but i want to discuss with my boss
(10:44:09) Shanker: please go ahead i'l wait
(10:44:39) dheeraj_vp: bye
(10:45:30) Shanker: we can speak over the phone
(10:45:41) Shanker: to ascertain requirements
(10:45:45) dheeraj_vp: where r u now ?
(10:45:49) Shanker: bangalore
(10:46:03) dheeraj_vp: oh i thought u in kochi....
(10:46:37) Shanker: did you speak to your boss?
(10:46:48) dheeraj_vp: noo he is not here right now
(10:47:05) dheeraj_vp: he will come eveneing
(10:47:11) dheeraj_vp: i have one doubt
(10:47:17) Shanker: i do charge for time also, so if you are not serious about the business proposition we will have to end it here
(10:47:51) dheeraj_vp: i am serious about making a cache server
(10:47:59) Shanker: i meant serious about the payment
(10:48:01) dheeraj_vp: but its very high cost
(10:48:28) dheeraj_vp: one hour u will charge 3000/-
(10:48:46) Shanker: are you saying that my time is worthless?
(10:48:54) dheeraj_vp: no man
(10:49:06) dheeraj_vp: i know u r genious in linux
(10:49:22) dheeraj_vp: i will talk to my boss about it and i will contact u later
(10:49:57) Shanker: please do
(10:50:12) Shanker: i will give special rates since you are from kannur
(10:50:21) dheeraj_vp: ok
(10:50:41) dheeraj_vp: i will contact u later
(10:50:43) dheeraj_vp: bye now
(10:50:49) Shanker: by when will i know?
(10:50:59) dheeraj_vp: maybe tomarrow
(10:51:23) Shanker: ok, please contact me by the latest
(10:51:38) dheeraj_vp: ok


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By Shanker Balan

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