Khader turned 25 on June 20, Meghna turned 24 and Shiv Garge is 3 today. Happy birthday to all of you! Live long and prosper!

Was at Spinn on Friday night for a fashion show. Neat lil place… amazing crowd. Too crowded actually to do anything other than bump into each other. (it's a feature not a bug) . Bumped into Kallu along the way, he obviously did not like the place much as they shut shop while he was still on his fifth(?) tequila shot. DJ Ivan is a supposed to be a regular on Friday nites but this time it was DJ Clitus who kept the turntables spinning.

The place has an amazing sound setup using ElectroVoice loud speakers, the Rolling Stones concert also had EV speakers – very clean sound. Dont mind going in there again.

Khader got a surprise bday party on thursday night – champagne and chocolate mousse cake included and then got drunk pink on saturday for the “official” party. Was I really that talkative that night??? 😀

In case any one wants flowers delivered at Indiranagar, call Florence Fantasy at 98861 99677. They charge Rs 15 for delivery.
Dont feel like going to the gym now, still too stuffed from the amazing lunch at Gopi's place. Uh oh, starting to rain i think…


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By Shanker Balan

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