Back from the land of coconuts!

Probably one of the best vacations I have had in a long time. All the guys, all the gals, all at the same place.

Destination Malluland!

  • No proper tickets to start with, was prepared for that!
  • Find out that there is no dinner stop after we board the bus. Totally unprepared for this – am gonna dieeeee…
  • Uh oh, is this is a bus or a freight train? If we carry any more luggage, the wheels are gonna go bust.
  • Start journey at 9PM – me on last seat bus and Sony gets the makeshift middle seat w/o a back rest.
  • 11PM, bus breaks down just beyond Hosur in the middle of nowhere, something to do with the brake hydraulics. No cellular coverage in this halli. Aieeeee….
  • 1:45PM, hydraulics fixed. Driver decides to test brakes with every one aboard. Nice fun…
  • Next stop Walayar check post on the Tamil Nadu/Kerala border at 6PM in the morn. Could we move it pleeezeee… there are people dying in here!!!!
  • Its already 10 and we still have not reached Trichur. Umm… could we stop for break fast dude? Thx! Had the crappiiest vada ever, but then everything tastes good when you are hungry!
  • Sony insists on swapping seats my comfy seats with his.
  • Passed Trichur by 11AM, oh look who's pulling us over now… Its the traffic patrol!!! No , It was'nt the RIAA chasing us! 😀
  • 1:30PM, Its hot, Its humid, its got to be… COCHIN! Home at last!

The only pub in town – Formula 1

A new (only) pub has opened up in Cochin called “Formula 1” at the RK Oberoi Hotel ( nothing to do with the Oberoi hotel chain) and Pashu and Gautham were eager take me there. Hey, Is'nt this the place where DJ Nash from Sparks played? Yep, this is the one. And I thought he was playing at the real “Trdent Oberoi”.

  • I wonder why they called it Formula 1, there is nothing “racy” about this place to begin with except for a couple of F1 car posters.
  • Whoah, they have a cover charge 150 bucks. Hmm… must be to filter the crowd, very hep!
  • Oh check the out the DJ, Is'nt that Shekhar, our junior from school? Hi dude!
  • Uh oh, all seats full.. we get to stand next to the speakers.
  • Ok, time to check for the pretty people…. scanning… scanning… scanning… operation timed out. No chicks in the house! Awww…
  • Navy guys all over the place, guys in “mundu” all over the place. Ok, this place sucks!
  • Hey, the DJ is changing music on every beat. People are dancing to “The Final Countdown”. Dancing to rock, happens only in Malluland.
  • Check this out, the navy guys are paying the DJ money to play requests. the going rate is 10 bucks.
  • Look who walks in – Vijay and Nishant Louis. These guys are the type who fly down to Bangalore for a party weekend.
  • Since we are feeling so miserable here, why not finger Sony??? He he.. one sms later and Sony lands up. Sucker!!!!
  • Nishant speaks to DJ – music changed to trance. Thanx dude.
  • Nishant speaks to manager, gets table immediately. Table big enuf for all of us so we join him.
  • Check this out, some drunk dude wants to hold hands with Gautham and dance. This is gonna be fun!
  • Uh oh, the huge F1 framed poster just fell off the wall and lands on the table below. Fortunately, no one crushed to death.
  • Electricity trips. Exciting!
  • Duck, the bulb above the bar just went phut. I think I've had enuf fun for one nite.
  • This place is sooo cheap, been here for 2 hours and we still have 45 bucks remaining on our account. Keep it as tip dude, keep it as tip.

That place was the pits. Hopefully they will get things right soon. Had dinner at “Ceylon Bake House”, they still have the yummiest Biriyani in town.

Day 2: Saturday

Visit Eye Doc

Been having vision problems lately. Turns out that eyesight has actually improved and that too by a good 1.00 points. WoW!!! How the hell did that happen. But I have scratches on my cornea due to dry eyes. I have been advised to blink every 2 seconds espl when staring at a monitor and to use “Moisol” eye drops 4 times a day for the next one week.

Blink! Blink!

Saturday Night

This is going to be good. All the “most wanted” ppl from my old school/club gang are back in town for the holiday season and the plan was to meet up at the Yacht Club. Pulled Sony along for this too. Lost our way twice and finally reached the place by 9PM. We hung around there till around 1PM (thats when they closed the bar) and we finally split by 1:30AM.

Myself and Sony were quite hungry by then and ducked out to the nearest “thattu kada” for some hot “set dosa”, egg curry, kadala and chutney.

Got home by 2AM and mom was waiting to give me the eye drops. Yikess!!! 😀

Day 3 Sunday

Pretty sober day to begin off with. Had to meet some people so went around in the morn and finished all the visiting I had to do. Afternoon, picked up a whole bunch of CDs for ripping from Mitesh – NOW 51, NOW 52, J Lo, Bond, BT and Angelique Kidjo. Seshu's CD-Writer was bust, so pinched Mitesh's CD-writer as well! 😀

Went over to Priyanka's (who got an extra day's leave) house for another “meeting”, the plan was to get Rohit George Kurien away from his mom's clutches and out to dinner. We had trouble getting his number right thanx to BSNL's excellent changed number phone number service (Dial 1952). Turns out that the dude was working out at the Yacht Club Gym. Picked him up from the Gym and went straight for dinner at Pandhal (Heh, Rohit was still wearing his track pants and sweat shirt :).

Lots of people,

  1. Priyanka
  2. Meghna
  3. Shilpa
  4. Ashwathi (She looks like a movie star now 😉
  5. Prashant
  6. Gautham
  7. Rohit
  8. Arshad

Had to break up early, girls still have to get home early! 😀

Day 4: Back to Bangalore

Nothing exciting about the day. Said bye to everyone and hopped on to the bus at 7PM. Very uneventful journey (thankfully), back in blr by 7AM.

Some good news too! My cuz Seshu is getting married sometime in Jan. Now thats a wedding everyone is looking forward too.

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