Auditions for a new sound system

Spent around an hour at on Saturday in Chennai. These guys deal in high end audio from Klipsch, Sunfire, Energy, Definitive Technology, Aragon and affiliated brands.

Some of the things which really kicked ass,

  • Sunfire Amplifiers and subwoofers. These things are frightfully powerful and looks realy good. Very high elite value. INR 90000+. Exterme end performance.
  • Klipsch speakers with their horn tweeters. Looks real nice, has a fan following but I was not particularly impressed by their sound. Especially in the sub 1 lac segment.
  • REL Subwoofers, too expensive to even think of getting one.
  • Definitive Technology Speakers. Now these things are very decent. Built in 250W powered subs built into the super tower which packs BIG impact as far as 20 feet away. Now this is POWER! Sepultura and Prodigy can really shine on these. The bipolar design creates a nice wall of sound which feels great with my kinda music.

    I used the following to check these speakers out:

  • Sepultura – Roots
  • Chemical Brothers – Dig Your Own Hols
  • Prodigy – The Fat Of The Land
  • Massive Attack – Mezzanine
  • The Crystal Method – Tweekend
  • Rage Against The Machine – Evil Empire
  • Propellerheads – Decksandrumsandrockandroll
  • White Zombie – Super Sexy Swinging Sounds

    A mix of bigbeat electronic, drum n bass, industrial/trash metal and trip hop. DefTech played them all very good. During this listening test I realized that not all brands handle all genres of music well.

    I have my eyes on DefTech unless a test audition of JBL can change my mind otherwise.

    Apparently, there might be a drop in 20% duty on fully imported electronics in the next budget. Holding off purchases till the budget is announced.

    My wish list:

  • Def Tech speakers, starting with front towers and gradually add another 3
  • Pioneer Divx/SACD/DVD-A/MP3/WMA player
  • Sunfire Power Amp
  • By Shanker Balan

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