All the goodies… for a price!

Ok, took the plunge. We (finally!) took the DVD membership at Habitat, the specialized music shop on Church Street. This is (AFAIK) the best DVD store in town – they've got everything. With 2500 bucks as deposit and “upto” 150 bucks rental per day, it a'int cheap either. WTF, I don't mind spending good money on stuff that I always wanted to watch on DVD, one or two DVDs a week should be easy on the wallet I guess.

wanted to start off with a bang, so rented out Blade 2 Collectors edition yday. Nice movie, a little too much action though. I think the comic book version of the same have been better. But then comic books dont come with sound tracks ;).

Also picked up the Mirwais Ahmadzai CD from Habitat. This guy is way too cool. He is the guy who has been collaborating with Madonna on “Music” and “Ray of Light” albums. He is all over the place on the “Die Another Day” track too. Keep a look out for his “Miss You” video on MCM, its a rework of “Disco Science”. “Disco Science”, btw, was featured on the “Snatch” OST which is directed by Guy Ritchie. Guy Ritchie, of course, is Madonna's husband. Makes sense? 😉

All hail French music!!!

“I truly believe that this man is a genius? I listen to his stuff and I think, this is the future of sound.” – Madonna (Billboard — August 5, 2000)

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