A life without virtual desktops

No virtual desktops would probably be my #1 reason to switch back to FreeBSD running e17. Now I have to pester IT into giving me the Leopard installation media. Been a very frustrating day with a single cluttered desktop.

Some of the other pain points with OS X:

  • Focus follows mouse for all window types. I have defaults write com.apple.terminal FocusFollowsMouse -string YES set which works for the terminal but not for other window groups.
  • Backspace in vim send ^H. I have seen this problem with other UNIX systems before but don't remember how i worked around it. Needs STFW.

    I have also been trying to install all my usual apps like cdrdao, logjam, opera, adium, deluge etc. I think fink is dead, macports seems to be the more popular way of getting to ports. IAC, I have both installed.

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    By Shanker Balan

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