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Tagged VLANs on ESXi Guests Not Working

I run my CloudStack lab environment on 2 Mac Minis running on ESXi 5.5. For a long time, I had faced the issue where tagged VLAN traffic between my CentOS/Ubuntu guest VMs simply refused to work. Shanker BalanShanker Balan is a devops and infrastructure freelancer with over 14 years of industry experience in large scale […]

CloudStack FreeBSD OS

What Guest Operating Systems Does CloudStack Support?

Apache CloudStack works with a variety of hypervisors and a single CloudStack cloud deployment can have multiple hypervisors implementations. Some of the more popular hypervisors supported by CloudStack are Linux KVM, XenServer and VMware vSphere. It is a generally perceived that the Cloud Management Platform (CloudStack) does magical things to support guest operating systems like […]


CloudStack And DNS Services

The CloudStack “Virtual Router” provides “Private DNS” services for guest instances. The hostnames can be set from the Add Instance creation wizard or directly via the deployVirtualMachine API call. Instances that are created with the “Name” (Optional) parameter will have it’s forward and reverse DNS entry set to the user defined value. In the screenshot […]